Critical Knowledge Transfer Project

Elay is committed to preserve and transfer our know-how about fine blanking, plastic overmoulding and other cr (...)

Jul 08, 2021

Elay encourages collaboration and sport as a way of coping with difficult situations

Joseba Azkarate, son of the Elay employee Jon Azkarate, along with Aitor Rementeria, another Elay employee, ha (...)

May 17, 2021

ELAY Initiates Consultation with Tecnalia to Strengthen the Digital Transformation Strategy

The Antzuola plant received a visit from 3 Tecnalia managers with the aim of analysing the current level of ou (...)

Mar 09, 2021

Integral Management Control

After twelve months of intense work, this May we have completed the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics A (...)

Jun 14, 2019